Since 2009 I have been telling stories with my clients. I can turn your project into a social media-savvy, tv-ready, audience relatable video.  You have a goal?  I have a video. Through the avenues of visual effects, documentary and live action, I can help shape your goals and messages.

What I Do

I am a full service video maker.  From concept to delivery, I can shape a client’s idea into a fully formed video message.  UHD 4k shooting, edits, sound recording and delivery. All under the same roof, all with close client involvement.

I also include limited print and static media support on request.

Who I am


My name is Josh Henning.  I've made dozens of event videos, narrative projects, advertisements and religious pieces since then. 

I graduated with a degree in film from Montana State University in 2011 and a law degree from the University of Montana in 2014. I also serve as executive assistant to the creative minds at Kairos Productions, an feature film studio in Seattle. I have lived in Seattle with my beautiful wife since mid 2015.

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